TANGAROO - the "child first tandem"!


What was the TANGAROO developed for anyways? Bicycle child seats already exist...

When children reach the age of about three, they want to be a part of the action. They like to talk to their parents and are strong enough to pedal. The TANGAROO makes all these much easier now!

Since children always want to know what's going on in front, they sometimes try to lean to the side while sitting in the usual child seat. This may cause a moment of instability on the bicycle.

Parents with children in this phase of life also appreciate the fact that cycling along requires a lot of energy and helps build muscles. We have been taking our son along on the TANGAROO since he was two and a half years old. When he was three and a half, we could already notice the power of our "little helper".

Meanwhile, we can also tell you about the advantages the family tandem had on his well developed leg muscles and how well he cycles on his own.

But a child can also ride its own bicycle on the sidewalk...

This is most probably not very often the case with a three-year-old child. Later, it makes more sense for practice and to go for a ride. However, this is time consuming for a normal road user when this is your daily means of transport. It is also often a strenuous attention and patience exercise for the accompanying adult who, despite the proximity, has no direct influence on the child's actions.


What about so-called third wheel attachments?

These are mostly meant for older children that don't possess enough endurance for longer trips. Preschool children are normally not able to shift into the appropriate gear on their own which means they pedal without any effect. Our family tandem optimizes the interaction between the bicycle, the child and the adult.

The specific advantage of the family tandem is that the child's view is not obstructed and communication between the riders is much easier. The adult can help the child choosing the appropriate gear and the child gets to learn about cycling and traffic rules firsthand. You are your child's "cycling" instructor.


There are also tandems in which the child sits in the front. How are they different from the TANGAROO?

The main difference is that the TANGAROO is an extension kit that you retrofit to an existing bicycle. A "half" bicycle is much more affordable than a full one...

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And what about the child trailer?

We found an all-purpose trailer very practical during a child's first three years, mostly when you can also use it as a baby carriage.

Once the child upgrades to the tandem, the trailer can still be used to carry the next generation - or simply your shopping.