TANGAROO - the "child first tandem"!

The TANGAROO is available as extension kit only or as a complete bicycle.

TANGAROO tandemTANGAROO extension kit
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TANGAROO extension kit
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Specification and price
(pdf - 342 kB)
Specification and price
(pdf - 358 kB)

The TANGAROO extension kit is suited for bicycles which head tube can fit a 1 1/8" headset, that have a seat tube of at least 25.4 mm inner diameter and that have a mounting plate for a double leg kickstand behind the bottom bracket.

You will find all retrofit-related info in our order form.

Installing the TANGAROO requires trade-specific skills and should be carried out at a bicycle repair shop.

You can download the mounting instructions for the TANGAROO-extension kit here (pdf - 1.398 kB).

Safety for your child

We value the safety of your child. This is why we produce in Europe and use components of renown suppliers such as Shimano, Humpert, Agresti and Hebie.

The main safety parts of the 5-point belt system are provided by Sabelt, a supplier in the automotive industry.

We recommend for the TANGAROO tandem the color red for the frame and 7-speed gear hub with back pedal brake.

The signal color red and third brake system provide an additional safety factor in city traffic.

Please make sure your child wears an adequate bicycle helmet.


Test der Vorderradbremsen

After having intensely tested our prototype almost daily in our family for the past four years, our unusual "short" tandem was sent to an independent bicycle testing institute to undergo a series of technical safety tests.

The German Technical Inspection Agency's (TÜV) results: vehicle with positive road performance rating and braking characteristics exceeding DIN standards (earning DINplus quality mark).

The results were so impressive that we decided to share this cycling pleasure with you!


Cycling together is great fun - try it out yourself!

The TANGAROO driving gear for the child is equipped with a 6-speed derailleur and has its own free wheel. The child's gear shift can be reached and operated easily by the adult.

We purposely chose a 26" wheel for a bicycle designed to fit a 28" wheel. This way, the child sits lower and the rider can see the street in front very well, even with an 8-year-old child. The large front tire smoothes the ride and provides more comfort to the child.

The family tandem can be ridden on any street and can be steered easily and precisely - even with one hand - as the weight of the child is centered on the steering shaft.

The TANGAROO tandem can be stored and transported as easily as any common bicycle.

Price in Germany

complete bicycle (TANGAROO tandem)from 1339.-
TANGAROO extension kit699.-
The Price is in Euro inclusive sales tax and forwarding costs inside of Germany.

We are currently offering a "TANGAROO Club rebate":

If you are the first customer of your region (first two digits of your area code) and you allow others to test drive your TANGAROO, you can benefit from a € 140 for TANGAROO extension kit as Club rebate.
A positive side effect is that you can get to meet other bike passionate families in your vicinity.
We offer an additional discount on any TANGAROO tandem demonstration model.

Money-back guarantee

Just give it a try: With our money-back guarantee you can try out your TANGAROO for one full month. You will soon no longer want to miss out on all the advantages and the fun that riding a family tandem provide you and your child.
If the TANGAROO does not meet your expectations, simply return the kit within 4 weeks and we will reimburse you.