TANGAROO - the "child first tandem"!

With the TANGAROO you can now easily take your child
along just like a kangaroo carrying its baby in its pouch.

TANGAROO - a TANdem like a KanGAROO!

Children really enjoy sitting at the front row with unobstructed view of the action and being able to pedal like the adults!

And there's more! Your child will build muscles and spend energy and you are in constant contact with each other. You are your child's "cycling" instructor. The child gets to learn about cycling and traffic rules firsthand from you.

Although both of you provide the power to move forward, only you can steer and break when necessary. The family tandem can be steered noteworthy easily and precisely even with one hand only.

The TANGAROO is designed for children between the ages of about three to eight - the whole kindergarten and the first school years - and can support a weight of up to 30 kilos. It is best-suited for children under 140cm tall, or as long as the main rider has a full view of the street in front.

TANGAROO in voller Aktion

The TANGAROO tandem is not produced by me anymore!

The TANGAROO family tandem had been produced and sold in a small pilot-series. The target was to prove, that this unusual kind of bicycle is usable as a normal bicycle in public without any restrictions, what I successfully did. Those who bought the TANGAROO enjoy rides on such an exclusive tandem with their kids. There were no problems or reclamations.

I ran this development project semiprofessional, so it was not possible for me to produce the TANGAROO in a big number. To show the possibility of building such an unusual tandem, the website stays active. I would appreciate, if a bycicle-producer would be interested to integrate this family tandem into his range of products. Therefore I would happily offer my experiences and documentations.